Welcome to Double "S" Transportation!

In the competitive market of the transportation industry three things stand out in every company ...  Experience, Safety and Customer Satisfaction.

As a shipper, all three are critical to you and the image you portray to your customers. Double "S" Transport is the company that can meet all three of these very important needs.

Driving Opportunities

Needed Now !   Solos and Teams for dedicated loads.  100% Drop & Hook, No Touch Freight.  That means you are always earning money and not sitting earning nothing (or nearly nothing) !   Call 417-873-9121, email, or apply now.

Look at what our drivers are saying ...

Clyde Baker - November 16, 2013

Good people working for a common goal! They worked with me to balance what I needed to earn and when I needed to be home.

Mark Washem - July 24, 2014

A driver oriented company. They realize that the drivers are what make or break them. Good, regular pay cpm increases and I'm not sitting at a dropoff waiting for frieght!


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Double "S" Transport (DST) has the experience you need in transportation. Owner Leon Shaw is an experienced driver and veteran to the industry. With more than 45 years experience in the industry, the entire staff know how to meet your needs in transportation. Hiring veteran drivers to operate DST's trucks, you know you'll have experience hauling you precious cargo.


We know that safety is no accident, and hires only safe and courteous drivers. Each driver goes through safety training and has a complete background check done. To insure that when your driver arrives, they will be one of the best in the industry, making sure that your freight arrives safely and on time.

Customer Satisfaction

Timely and safe service, isn't that what you want, knowing that when your freight leaves it is in professional hands? DST has 35 trucks traveling in all 48 states, pulling vans, FedEx doubles. With DST you won't get lost in the shuffle or become just another number, like you do with those big companies. DST is large enough to handle all your shipping needs, but still small enough to keep it personal.

Double "S" Transport is the transportation company that has the experience you want, the safety conscious drivers you need, and personal service that will make you stand out to your customers.


Welcome to Double S Transportation !


Special News:

Needed Now  !

Drivers and Teams for dedicated loads.

100% Drop & Hook
That means you are always earning money and not sitting earning nearly nothing!
"No Touch Freight"

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